FCC spectrum repacking and more

Traditional IT Systems



Using IP over RF, all guests are scanned into a proprietary CRM system
to give management live statistics on the business results of the day.



IP distribution over microwave servicing a 2400 acre ski resort




USDatacenters, Inc.
Ground-up build-out  project-managed 
by Rick Zach (as CTO) & team

A large, high-end datacenter in the Boston area.


The company hired an MEP contractor for all brick and mortar work but they reported to Rick Zach as CTO.


Also included office spaces but that was the easy part.



Electrical power entrances (one of two)



This was APC's largest UPS installation in the US up to that point


Special interior excavation to support UPS's and power feeds



APC 2-megawatt, three-phase UPS system





UPS bypass switches



Problem:   Where can one put two huge generators when they will not fit on the roof and no parking places can be sacrificed?

Answer:  Hire a civil engineer.  The fix was to re-paint the parking lot lines for the newer, smaller cars.  Not only were the generators accommodated, but five new parking spaces were gained.  The town fathers were very happy with the solution.


One of two 1.5-megawatt Diesel generators





DataCenter buildout  
(one of three)










Man trap entry points



Network Operations Center (NOC)


Backup Generator Systems

For WCVB-TV and USDatacenters














A brand new 1-megawatt CAT generator for WCVB-TV receiving a Robinson housing







And time to sweat the unexpected details...

Some of the most interesting problems and solutions were very low-tech.

Q: What do you do when an upper floor urinal floods over the weekend and water finds it's way into the proposed UPS electrical rooms?

A: Two answers
  • Train the NOC staff how to fix the valve
  • Move the UPS room location (fortunately, before we broke ground in the new basement UPS area)

The facility now operates as a unit of Earthlink Business

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