FCC spectrum repacking and more


A sample of RF projects
(either as Chief Engineer or contractor)

Tower overhaul of legacy Land Mobile Radio tower, antenna and combiner systems.
Includes carriers, trunked DMR systems, government agencies.




Also experience with building analog FM, trunked and DMR/MotoTRBO digital radio systems.
IP connectivity was by both terrestrial microwave and land-based IP.




Installing an under-building, low-band duplexer at a mountaintop summit.
The duplexer was designed for horizontal installation at down to -40 degrees F.







High power broadcast systems

Harris 30 kW 8VSB transmitter for WCVB-TV, Boston



New DTV transmitters for WBIN-TV transmitter building, Hudson, NH


One member of a multi-tenant, very high power combiner system. 
In this case WBZ, WCVB, WGBH, WGBX, WSBK in Boston

      WBIN-TV, Derry, NH analog antenna removal to make room for a new tenant. April 2014



WBIN-TV rack room, Derry, NH




Licensed Microwave Systems

          Prudential Tower 2-GHz microwave and VHF two-way radio systems


Dual steerable 2-GHz receive antenna systems at the Prudential Tower



      One Financial Center, Boston




One Financial Center, Boston.  Centralized 2-GHz digital microwave receive site, HD-Citycam with backhaul as well as a Motorola 900 MHz Land Mobile repeater system.


2-GHz sector-scan antennas were added as well as
a 13-GHz backhaul to Needham, MA


One Boston Place overhaul of 2-GHz antenna systems



The ground-up NH-1 radio and TV news build-out in Concord, NH used the following protocols for outside connectivity:
  • Wide area UHF DMR RF-repeater coverage for engineering and operations staffs. Critical staff carries DMR portables at all times for quick response times.
  • Intercity broadcast-quality video over licensed microwave and IP
  • Intercity broadcast-quality audio over licensed microwave and IP
  • Web-quality h.264 video over IP
  • Satellite video using RF-based DVB-S2
  • Bonded cellular video over IP
  • Multi-city intercom system over IP





Airborne RF projects both as a project and later as an RFI hunting tool

Eurocopter AS350B used for live television news

Four HD cameras for live perspectives
from the cabin, the nose and the tail.


The same helicopter when later used as an RFI hunting platform

All test gear needed to be battery powered

5-GHz interference as seen on the final television image



The RFI source was identified and eliminated by using a bit of technology and diplomacy.



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